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Anti-diabetic effects of citrus

With type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes on the increase, research from a Chinese university shows there is something quite simple you can do to help reduce blood sugar.

Increasing cellular glucose uptake and regulation appears to be assisted by eating grapefruit, bitter orange (used in the making of marmalade) such as Seville oranges, and mandarines.  The key components are naringin and neohesperidin.  Many fruits contain naringin, but only some contain neohesperidin.  Hesperidin is a flavonoid in most citrus, which can help with the health of capillaries and help inhibit histamine (think allergies, where it is common to take an ANTI-histamine) – so they are still great for your health.

Citrus is great for most people, as many varieties contain vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, manganese, fibre and magnesium – and lots of beneficial flavonoids.

Just be cautious if you are taking medications, as grapefruit can affect the way medications metabolise in your system.

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