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You CAN take control of your health – starting today.

True health management works on assisting
the body to heal – and helping this happen.
I look for any underlying causes, while managing symptoms.

How many times have you been told
“everything is fine”, but you still don’t feel well?

I will listen – you will be heard.


 Main focus areas

Gut and digestive health

Anxiety and mood challenges

Sleep issues

Weight, fatty liver and blood sugar issues

Low energy and fatigue


I take an in-depth health history, look at physical signs and symptoms, and assess any provided blood test results.
By looking from a holistic perspective, key clues are often revealed.

Together, we will work out a plan you can work with
get you on the road to better health.


Have you booked your appointment to better health yet?


Areas we may discuss during the consultation

Digestive health
– reflux, digestive discomfort, bloating, general gut health and function

Sleep issues
– why are you having trouble sleeping
– difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep

Blood sugar regulation and imbalances

Fatty liver and weight challenges

Fatigue, brain fog, lack of energy, anxiety

Respiratory issues


Hormone imbalances

Autoimmune conditions

Skin problems


You are still reading??

Why haven’t you booked yet?  You obviously know you need some help.

What are you waiting for?