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Prebiotics, probiotics – is there a difference?

Do I need both? In short, yes.

Prebiotics feed good bacteria in your gut. They are basically indigestible substances (we can’t digest them – but the bacteria can) – they are a type of fibre. They are also important for blood sugar regulation.

Probiotics are actual bacteria – but the good types that you want in your gut.

Some food sources of prebiotics – onions, leeks, garlic, sweet potato, bananas (when still a bit green), chia seeds, quinoa, barley, oats and apples. Fruits and veg are generally best with the skin on (except obviously banana skin, onions, garlic, etc – not recommending you eat onion skin!) .

Some food sources of probiotics – fermented foods (such as yoghurt and sauerkraut), cottage cheese, apple cider vinegar.

Why should I worry about all this? Because the state of your gut affects every aspect of your health. Looking after your gut bugs is looking after yourself.

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