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Improve your brain AND your mood

Feeling foggy?  Not as sharp as you used to be?  Concerned about dementia?  Just feeling low?  Can you improve your brain function and your mood?  Well, yes you can make a difference.

The first thing to consider is exercise.  You don’t need to be lifting giant weights in a gym – but you do need to get the blood and oxygen delivered to your brain.  It known to improve mood by lowering the effects of stress and stimulating endorphins (happy chemicals), and likely triggering neurogenesis (new neuron growth = new brain cells) in the brain – even where issues such as dementia and Alzheimer’s are present.

Nutrients are a big one here too. 
Vitamin D (you can get this from sun exposure!) is known to improve mood and help ward off depression and is commonly found low in those with cognitive impairment and depression.

Certain B-vitamins dramatically influence cognition and mood.  For example, deficiency of B12 leads to increased homocysteine levels that negatively impacts cognition.  It is also needed for serotonin production and metabolization – serotonin is known to affect not only mood and cognition but also how well your gut functions (didn’t see that one coming did you 😊).  Intake of omega-3 fatty acids also help with serotonin production.

If you are having issues with mood, cognition, memory, sleep – or even your gut, I am here to help.

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