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Can’t lose weight? Maybe leptin is your problem!

I am trying to lose weight, but I never seem to get full so end up eating more than I should!! Sound familiar?

Though there can be MANY reasons you just can’t shift that extra weight (I can help you figure out why), here is one you may not have heard of – LEPTIN!  Leptin has been referred to as the “starvation hormone” – it is what your body produces to signal to your body that you have eaten enough so you should stop eating.  For people on a very restrictive diet OR very busy OR stressed (as examples), leptin just doesn’t trigger because the body thinks it may starve to death if you stop eating so you never get that “I’m full” signal. 

However, for some people, this hormone just doesn’t seem to work as it should as they are actually NOT starving to death.  (Just so you know, there is also hormone that makes you feel hungry called ghrelin).

What often influences leptin levels?  Stress, inadequate exercise, inconsistent eating schedules, multi-tasking while eating, poor sleep patterns and eating too fast (you MUST CHEW YOUR FOOD!).  And the wrong food choices.  Refined and processed foods, low fibre foods and high sugar foods will all mess with your leptin levels.    

Of course, there are definitely other factors and issues that can sabotage your efforts to lose those extra kilos.  I can help you figure out why – and more importantly guide you as to what to actually do about it.

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