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What actually IS naturopathy? 


Naturopathy addresses the individual as a whole, using natural methods to stimulate healing.  Mental, emotional and physical aspects are all considered during a consultation.  Health is “a state of complete well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (as written in the World Health Organisation constitution).


A person is not just a collection of bits and pieces to be looked at individually and this is something naturopaths take very seriously – we don’t just apply a bandaid to the affected body part but aim to find out the WHY.  Why it happened, how it happened, was there an underlying issue that influenced how and why the symptoms appeared.  I will then use natural methods (including lifestyle, dietary modifications and supplements and herbs where necessary) to assist your body to heal.


For example, you come in for help with a foggy/forgetful brain.  As we discuss your symptom (because foggy brain is not generally an isolated condition, but the symptom of underlying issues) I will create a whole picture of you, to work out what has caused your foggy brain.  It might be that you aren’t getting adequate levels of certain vitamins and minerals in your diet, your emotions might be affecting what chemicals and hormones your body is producing, sleep quality might be an issue, gut health may be part of the problem, your stress levels may be out of control – there are so many areas to investigate to determine what has happened and why.


I am not a doctor, so I don’t use drugs.  But I do know about drugs and will check to ensure that nothing I do will interfere or react with any medications you are on.  So yes, you can see me if you are on medications and under the care of a doctor.  This is why I need to know everything you are taking.


Why are you still letting your health imbalances impact your life??  You deserve to actually enjoy your life!

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