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Vitamin N??

I recently read an article on this long-forgotten and overlooked vitamin.  It is not a vitamin by conventional standards, but it is unbelievably important to your health.  It is important for the health of children, adults and the elderly alike.  It is readily available to most people, so why do we ignore it as not important and not know about it?

“What is this mysterious “vitamin N” and why should I care?”

Well, let me give you some indications as to why it is so very important.  It can directly impact on obesity levels.  It impacts vitamin D synthesis in the body.  It is commonly deficient where there is excessive exposure to electronic gadgets such as tvs, computers, etc.

For adults and the elderly, it may be implicated in balance and strength issues and possibly even cognitive decline.  Could it also be linked to higher levels of cardiovascular disease and diabetes too?

Obesity is often a serious by-product of a lack of vitamin N.  Lack of exercise and the associated detrimental effects can (but may not always) be linked back to vitamin N.  Going for a walk outside or heading out of your house to a group exercise class will likely help improve vitamin N.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are far more common where there is a lack of vitamin N.  Refined and processed foods often contain very little, if any, vitamin N.  Fresh unprocessed food is FULL of vitamin N.

Lack of vitamin N can lead to immune imbalances and mess with your microbial exposure, which is required to develop a strong immune system.  Your gut microbiota may severely impacted, leading to many associated health problems.

Mentally, good levels of vitamin N can improve mood, mental function and may even improve anxiety or depressive symptoms.  Improvements in sleep have also been noted.

Oxygen intake and utilisation by the tissues and organs may be negatively impacted by lack of vitamin N.

So what is vitamin N?????
It is NATURE – N for nature.  Getting outside, enjoying active social interaction away from social media, focusing on eating food that is unprocessed, and breathing in plenty of fresh air have been shown over and over again to be beneficial to your health.

You have read this far because vitamin N sounded really important to know about.  Take the hint – and read it again. xx

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