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Thyroid – is it working and does it matter?

Is my thyroid working??  What is it even there for??  My Dr said it is fine, but I still feel crappy.

Poor little thyroid – the often misunderstood and ignored butterfly organ in the lower part of your throat actually has a major influence on many body systems.   It produces hormones that are linked to heart function, moods, temperature regulation, digestion and immune system, so if it is not working as it should then you might be experiencing all sorts of weird symptoms related to the above.

If you are feeling tired all the time, feeling down regularly, feeling forgetful, not able to lose weight, have body aches and pains and your bowels aren’t working as they should, it would really be worth your time to come in for an appointment.  These things can definitely be caused by other underlying problems, so if you have had blood tests always bring them with you.  It might be something as simple as needing to change something in your diet.

But if you are just not feeling ok – regardless of what you have been told – listen to your body.  You don’t have to accept feeling crap is completely normal.  It is not.

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