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The elusive bliss of peaceful sleep.

We have all been there, where sleep just won’t come.  Your brain won’t switch off and you contemplate very important things in the pre-sleep hours such as what colour to paint the loungeroom, wondering where your workmate bought that great shirt, could Peter Pan really fly and how does that work, and did I remember to put apples on the shopping list.  It can drive you crazy – because all you want to do is GO TO SLEEP!!   Thank you busy brain – you are really not helping!

There are a few things you can do.

Expose your eyes to sunlight – that means sunlight which is not filtered by sunglasses at every opportunity.  Be smart about it – do protect your eyes and don’t stare at the sun – but do spend some time with those sunglasses off to stimulate melatonin production (which helps with sleep).

Get electronic devices out of the bedroom and don’t stare at phones/laptops/tablets within a couple of hours of bedtime.  The blue light they emit can really mess up your sleep.

Get out and moving.  Not only are movement and exercise great for overall health, but exercise and activity help your body process out of your system the adrenaline (and other chemicals) created in your body during the day from our busy and (and often stressful lives).  The metabolites (waste products) need to be excreted, so they are not impacting your sleep.  Because they really do.

Control your sugar and alcohol/coffee/tea/energy drinks intake.  Soooo important.

There are other ways good sleep can be supported, and many reasons your sleep may be a problem, so contact me – why keep suffering?

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