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Sugar-Free soft drinks are NOT a healthy alternative

A study released this month in JAMA Internal Medicine, with 451,743 participants, has concluded that those who drank 2 or more glasses of artificially sweetened drinks per day had a 26% higher risk for all-cause mortality.  This is compared to those who drank sugar-sweetened drinks, which had an 8% higher risk.

What does this actually mean?  Neither are good for you.  Diet and “sugar free” drink options are NOT healthy alternatives.

What are you supposed to drink then?  How about water!  Or – water with a little piece of fruit or mint in it for flavouring, herbal teas (you can even have these as cold infusions).  Even the odd coffee or black tea.

Why is water so important and dehydration so bad?

Lack of water can cause your blood pressure to drop lower than it should be and can lead to your blood becoming thicker (this is not a good thing).

Lack of water can affect your brain function.

Lack of water can lead to issues with your digestive system.

Lack of water impacts your kidney health and function.

Lack of water can impact your skin’s appearance and health.

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