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Do I have cognitive decline? I can’t remember..

Dementia levels in the population are growing. Evidence has shown that often lifestyle, exercise and environmental factors are far more relevant than was initially realised.

Some simple changes may benefit you profoundly. Even if it is just to help you find your car keys and remember the word that is “on the tip of your tongue”. And you have nothing to lose trying.

There are some really great protective and helpful foods you can utilise. Here are just a few:

Foods to help stop cognitive decline

Berries (1 cup per week) – antioxidant properties and high in things called flavonoids.
Turmeric – to help control inflammation and damage throughout the body – even in the brain.
Cucumber – contain flavonoids that can help prevent memory loss and decline.

The B-vitamins – all are extremely important, but here are some specific ones.

B1 (thiamine) – deficiency is associated with neurological problems (think memory loss) – found in nuts, legumes, eggs, oats, beef
B3 (niacin) – deficiency affects the central nervous system – found in chicken, turkey, some mushrooms, sweet potato, tuna, avocados
B12 helps to lower levels of homocysteine (an inflammation marker used to diagnose Alzheimer’s) – found in fish, dairy, chicken and meat
Folate – in green leafy veg, lentils, broccoli, eggs

You might need more help, but good food is always a great place to start.
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