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Acne is never caused by diet. Excuse me, what?


This popular misconception relates back to 2 very flawed studies done over 40 years ago, but in the world of chinese whispers it has unfortunately persisted. And is wrong. Very wrong.


When looking at causes of acne (both in adults and teens), you definitely need to consider dietary elements. For a start, simple carbohydrates and sugar, plus fried foods and often milk products too will often be linked to acne occurrence and severity. Add on top of that a lack of dietary fibre, good quality protein and inadequate vegetable intake and your face will reward you with outbreaks.

Other things that are also very important to consider are hormone balance and stress levels, as these are also commonly implicated in outbreak levels, especially when combined with the intake of inappropriate foods.  By making the necessary dietary changes and getting your body back into balance you can dramatically reduce acne issues.

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